Guide to IDEAL age for Referring Children:

7 years

Developing stillman’s clefts or traumatic bite
Sk III with reverse bites
Sk II – very vulnerable upper incisors (overjet often > 10mm)

8-9 Years

Uninterrupted U1s, narrow arches, centre lines off, cross-bites, gummy smile, persistent thumb-suckers, hypoplastic first molars, early loss of primary teeth (spontaneously shed or planned extractions).
Sk II (overjet > 5mm)
Missing teeth (family trait or diagnosed patients)

9-10 years

CHECK U3s PALPABLE- if not refer

11 years (or younger if necessary i.e. before Es shed)

Remaining malocclusions (even if patient dentally delayed)

Guide to Referring Adults:

18-70 years

All adults – stable periodontal health helpful