smiling at future

Smiling at the future!

As with any life changing decision the plunge to go ahead and do something you have many times thought about is always the hardest step – Orthodontics is no different!

Many people are aware for years they have misaligned teeth, overcrowding or gaps, often they feel self-conscious and even physically unattractive. People often wait years and can not believe the difference it makes to their life and only wonder why they did not undergo treatment sooner. People often barely recognise themselves from before and after photographs.

It is easy to worry about something, feel uncomfortable, yet sit back and carry on. If this is you then come and have a chat with Barbara, our treatment coordinator at Walpole orthodontists in Surrey, and we will offer our best advice and treatment options available for you. We can also tell you about our variety of payment plans to make your treatment affordable and spread payments if needed. Orthodontic dental treatment need not be something you only think about, take the first active step and see what is available for you to achieve the perfect smile you dreamed of for the future.