Smiles by Walpole- Feature Article on This is Our Village

On first view of the waiting room at the Walpole- The Orthodontic Specialists premises you honestly wouldn’t think that you were awaiting a consultation for your teeth; the pristine, almost futuristic, appearance lends itself more to an airport business class lounge. The first impression is impressive and that’s the way it remains throughout the experience.

This long-established Specialist Orthodontic Practice was relocated by owners Chris Gibbs and Orthodontic Consultant Sharon Orton-Gibbs to Thames Ditton in September 2012. The move from its original Surbiton location means they have been able to extend from two to four surgeries and open a clinic that is at the forefront of both technology and ability.

Chris was keen to stress the practice’s family-orientated ethos stating they offer a “warm, welcoming smile” to all who come for a consultation. For any parents reading, you will be reassured that there are plenty of facilities in what Chris and Sharon call their ‘patient lounge’ to keep children entertained. There is a Wii console for the youngsters and, as if that wasn’t impressive enough, there is also a laptop and iPad to keep the older ones happy- or if they need to get some homework out of the way!

Because Specialist Orthodontists deal with jaw growth as well as straight teeth Sharon would prefer to see younger patients before all their adult teeth are through. Between 8 and 9 is the ideal stage in which Sharon can apply, if necessary, what they like to call their ‘interceptive treatment’ which enables treatment to have the highest percentage of success rate possible. That way she can rectify any issues in the formative, development stage of the body’s physiological changes. If no treatment is needed at that point, parents are left with peace of mind and will be reviewed by Walpole- The Orthodontic Specialists later on as well.

But don’t worry if you think you may have missed the boat – Sharon successfully treats many children that she sees for the first time in their early teens – and in addition around 40% of her patients are adults.

The palatial property was an old bank and the former vault has now ‘provided the ideal space for an x-ray room’ says Sharon, the machine is actually one of their newest pieces of kit and takes what’s known as a panoramic x-ray which enables a complete diagnosis of any required treatment. As well as this there are spacious, clean, surgical rooms for practice and a specified sterilising room that is the epicentre of the surgery’s pristine cleanliness.

Technology is certainly something both Chris and Sharon are proud to have at their disposal; they are one of the first practices to use ‘Invisalign’ an alternative treatment to braces which help to straighten the teeth; coupled with this they were one of the first to take photos of patients’ mouths, enabling a far more detailed idea of what each tailored treatment should be. Once diagnosis is achieved a precise plan is set out for length of treatment, usually between 12 and 18 months, this length of care helps Sharon and her team to not only build up a rapport with clients but it allows them to see the incremental changes that take place.

‘AcceleDent’ is also a treatment that is offered, Sharon being the first Orthodontist in the world to finish a case using it outside of clinical trials, it is a vibrating mouth-piece, which if used daily during treatment, works in tandem with other braces to straighten teeth up to 30% faster.

It really is an impressive surgery, and with over 260 patients already, including young Tom Holland who recently brought his new found smile to Hollywood and starred in the hit film ‘The Impossible’, it is clear to see just why it is so trusted amongst local residents and whole families who are looking for a helping hand with ‘facial aesthetics’. What’s more, you do not even need a referral from your dentist or GP, and given the fact that they open on Saturdays and throughout half-terms and other holidays, it makes it the perfect place for you and all the family to get those smiles back to their best!