We believe that great non- extraction orthodontics – the sort we strive to provide here – not only produce straight and healthy teeth but also a smile that keeps you looking younger for longer. Walpole- The Orthodontic Specialists believe in non- extraction orthodontics; we straighten teeth, correct crooked teeth or broken teeth to make your smile the best.

Since the early 80s, Walpole – The Orthodontic Specialists has been using non- extraction orthodontic techniques to avoid the removal of healthy premolars. Why? Because your teeth provide you with the support your lips need to look young and attractive and what we don’t want to do is risk losing that support.

If we were to take these teeth out in some patients, our concern would be that we were making too much space and when that space was closed the arches of the teeth would then be too narrow and the teeth too far back.

We are NOT saying that extracting premolars is always inappropriate; we are saying that at Walpole – The Orthodontic Specialists, most patients don’t need teeth out to give them a healthy outcome and the best possible smile.

  • For Children
  • Space for extra lower tooth
  • Does your child have teeth that 'stick out'?
  • For Adults
Does your child have potentially very crowded teeth?

The jaws may be narrow and need widening with an expander brace, this is best done before all the adult teeth grow in but may be done later.

Whilst widening the upper jaw in the patient above, more space was spontaneously made for the lower teeth as the bite was no longer cramping the lower jaw.

SebastianSmallIt’s perfectly possible to reduce prominent teeth without taking out premolar teeth.

At your consultation, we will be able to discuss this with you, and advise what is most appropriate course of treatment.

Although the jaws have stopped growing, there are still treatments that will reduce crowding without losing teeth. We will be able to discuss this with you, at your consultation, what is most appropriate for you.

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