More Than Straight Teeth

Here at Walpole- The Orthodontic Specialists we want to give you the best smile ever. So we don’t just straighten your teeth, we make sure that they are positioned to complement your unique smile and features. In addition, we also make sure you feel comfortable throughout your treatment and offer you a range of highly specialist techniques and revolutionary processes to accelerate your treatment.

This means that at Walpole- The Orthodontic Specialists, most patients will not require to have teeth taken out to give them the smile they deserve.

The photos below show the care we take at Walpole, not just to straighten the teeth but move them to the perfect place to enhance the smile and face shape.

Our Patients

  • Fuller Smile
  • Narrow Arch Fix
  • Robert
  • Excessive Gum Fix
  • Teeth and Gums
  • Youthful Smile
  • Retreatment

more-than-1Smile with not enough teeth showing before treatment:




katefeld“I am very happy with the result…

Two of my front teeth were turned in before and now
I have completely straight teeth.
All the staff were really nice and helpful”


robert“Thanks for everything you’ve done for me over the past 18 months…
It was well worth the investment and
I’ll happily recommend you to anyone considering treatment”






more-thanA smile with too much gum above the teeth before the treatment:




more-than-4Another smile with too much gum above the teeth before the treatment:




more-than-5As we get older, our lips get thinner and flatter. Here at Walpole, by placing your teeth in the best position, we help our patients stay looking younger for longer.






more-than-6The patient had her teeth placed in the wrong position(by another orthodontist), making her look older. Re-treatment at Walpole has reversed this process. 1st pictures show treatment at another ‘orthodontist’ placing the teeth in the WRONG position. 2nd pictures show RE-TREATMENT by Walpole specialists – straight teeth and a beautiful face

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