Once you have stopped growing, if you are concerned about your jawline as well as the positions of your teeth, then you may benefit from orthodontics and jaw surgery.

Treatment involves both orthodontics to place the teeth in the correct position on each jaw and an operation in the middle of treatment to change the size and position of one or both jaws. The treatment can be relatively quick – recent patients have finished treatment in 8-13 months thanks to accelerating their treatment with AcceleDent.

The change to your bite and smile can be amazing. Because Walpole – The Orthodontic Specialists is led by consultant-level orthodontists we have enormous experience in this type of treatment.

  • Tanya
  • Christin
  • Matthew
tanyaTanya is very happy with her treatment, who has had braces and jaw surgery to correct her smile, bite and jawline.



christinThe upper jaw was very crowded and small, the lower jaw too large. Braces in combination with jaw surgery produced this wonderful change.



matthewLining up the teeth and moving the lower jaw forward was the perfect solution to enhance the jawline and to stop the front teeth sticking out.



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