We completely understand if the appearance of braces has put you or your teenager off having orthodontic treatment.

That’s why we are happy to offer you or your teenager a selection of braces:

  • Completely invisible (braces on the inside of your teeth – lingual)
  • Nearly invisible (Invisalign/Clearstep/Simpli 5) a series of very thin, clear plastic “mouthgaurd type” aligners
  • Tooth coloured (ceramic) braces which are a popular option with teenagers and adults

There is no single appliance that is perfect for every patient. Once we are clear what you wish to improve about your smile, we will then be able to let you know what treatment is most likely to deliver that result for you, in a way that fits with your cosmetic requirements and lifestyle.

And remember, a Specialist Orthodontist is trained to deliver great smiles that enhance facial aesthetics. What that means is we are not limited to one appliance but are highly skilled and experienced in using a range of appliances to deliver the best result for each individual patient.

See more of our invisible treatments:


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