Invisalign & Invisalign Teen

You will be pleased to know that Walpole- The Orthodontic Specialists is the first independent orthodontist to offer Invisalign treatment in the UK (back in 1992).

Invisalign consists of a series of clear mouthpieces placed over the teeth that gradually move the teeth into the correct positions thus avoiding fixed braces completely.

For many of our patients Invisalign will provide a really nice result. As will similar clip in and out aligner-style treatments like Clearstep and Simpli5 which can sometimes offer a more cost effective option for minor changes. Invisalign can sometimes move the teeth less accurately than fixed braces, however, our specialist experience means that we can get the best out of this appealing system.

If your social situation demands that you can only be treated with an ‘invisible’ Invisalign-style brace then we will be able to show you the sort of result we are likely to achieve for you. The up-front planning is a critical part of Invisalign treatment (all your aligners for treatment are manufactured at once) and we take great care and attention in this process.

With a range of invisible options, you can feel safe knowing that your investment will definitely give you a great result.

Follow Annie Grace’s Invisalign journey with Walpole here.

  • Lindsay
  • Alison
lyndsayLindsay felt Invisalign would suit her best. We used it to eliminate crowding and a displaced tooth.



alisonWe used Invislign to straighten and level the teeth.




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