Functional/Orthopaedic Braces

These are normally a removable type of brace, used to help correct teeth that stick out and improve your child’s profile. They are suitable for anyone who is still growing. We use several types of functional braces (including twin blocks) so we will recommend the type that best suits your child.

  • Zoe
  • Rebecca
  • Nick
  • Arianna
zoeZoe had a two-phased treatment. A functional brace to reduce her sticking out teeth when she was nine and fixed braces to detail the positions of the teeth as a teenager.




Functional braces straighten teeth that stick out, giving an improved profile.

“I had a severe problem with a receding lower jaw. This was disfiguring and made me feel very self- conscious. The treatment I received has completely solved my problem.”

nickFunctional braces can influence the amount of gum showing when patients smile (the individual positions of the teeth are detailed later with fixed appliances once all the adult teeth have grown into the mouth).



ariannaOrthopaedic therapy (functional braces) can also correct the reverse bites and improve profiles.




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