Clear (Ceramic) Braces

For many adults (like Tom Cruise) and some teenagers who prefer a more cosmetic brace, clear braces are a popular choice as they remain very discreet. Combined with our fast track treatment using AcceleDent, treatment is normally finished in under one year. Please ask our treatment coordinator – Chloe, if you would like to discuss this option.

  • Annie
  • Ben
  • Sarah
AnnieAnnie is at university and has already seen a lovely change to her teeth from her clear fixed (ceramic) braces which are straightening her teeth.




Ben’s choice was ceramic braces to help eliminate the crowding and correct his bite (very overlapping teeth).

“I am delighted with the results. I show my teeth all the time because I am proud of them. It would be a shame not to show my new teeth at every opportunity.Would I go through the treatment again with what I know and have experienced? Yes, without a moment’s hesitation. Would I recommend it to people of my age to do? I already have – expect the phone calls. Thank you for the excellent treatment and transformation in seeing my teeth.

sarahSarah needed ceramic braces to transform her smile and correct her very deep (overlapping) bite.



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