Classic Braces- Straighter Teeth (Including Damon)

Classic braces (braces positioned on the teeth) are available in silver, gold or multi-coloured. This popular option suits many teenagers, especially with the addition of colours to brighten up the brace or the gold braces which can be an attractive alternative. There is also the option of having low friction fixed braces (such as Damon, Innovation and Carriere). This relatively new technology now allows increased choice for us to provide the best treatment for each patient’s dental arrangement. Low friction braces are another type of metal brace which can speed up some treatments and can help to reduce the need for extractions.

Some families opt to have clear fixed braces for a more discreet appearance.

  • Jane
jane copyWith metal fixed braces Walpole – The Orthodontic Specialists gave Jane this lovely change for her crowded teeth.



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