The difference between a Dentist and Specialist Orthodontist?

In the UK, all dentists are permitted to provide orthodontics and can even call themselves ‘Orthodontists’. In contrast, the ‘Specialist Orthodontists’ are fully qualified dentists who have endeavoured on a further three years of extra full-time training to gain an MOrth, which is required to be registered as a ‘Specialist’ with the General Dental Council. Specialist Orthodontists may also undergo two or three further years of training in treating the most difficult orthodontic cases to become a hospital consultant. If you choose a Specialist Orthodontist, you can be certain you are under the care of the industry’s highest level professional, absolute experts in their field and able to give you the best possible orthodontic care in a way to suit your needs.

Why a Specialist Orthodontist?

For something as important as your smile, you want to be sure you are in the best hands, so working out who you want to provide your orthodontics is a decision you want to get absolutely right.

We pride our professionals on being industry leaders and innovators, able to provide the best quality of services fully tailored to your lifestyle.

• Expertise                       • Empathy

• Experience                    • Track Record

• Knowledge                    • Reputation

• Integrity                        • Enthusiasm