Kayleigh’s Facial Aesthetic Journey – The Big Day!

Overall, my experience with Dr Teo and having wrinkle reduction treatment for the first time has been amazing. I’m so pleased with the results on my wedding day and when I finally got my wedding pictures through, I was so thrilled not to see those usual lines that frustrate me! I felt so confident and happy (even though I was crippled with nerves). It gave me a lovely lift, particularly around my eyebrows and I’ve received so many compliments since – who would have thought you could receive compliments on your eyebrows? My make-up artist also noticed a huge difference between my trial to the actual day, she said my skin looked flawless and I know that it was down to this treatment!


The team were just brilliant throughout my whole experience and I’m so thrilled I wentthrough with it. Treatment to reduce wrinkles doesn’t have to be about changing your face, Dr Teo taught me that it’s about what is right for you and your facial structure, your age and what kind of look you want. I would highly recommend to anybody who is thinking of doing it, as long as it’s for you!