How long will my treatment take?

Orthodontic dental treatments are not an overnight solution but here at Walpole we can help fast-track the process using numerous technologies and know how. Modern innovative brace treatments can involve the use of clear and invisible brace treatments which are more socially acceptable to most people making this time pass more quickly avoiding the dread of metal wires and braces.

For more minor issues STB Social 6 can be used to correct the front teeth usually within 6 to 16 weeks achieving excellent results. Simpli5 is an express aligner treatment that usually takes 5-6 months. Usually treatment is started 4-6 weeks after initial impressions of your teeth are taken. Clear Step is a treatment that can be used for adults and children alike and is versatile for each individual case. Invisalign as the name suggests are clear removable aligners which often achieve results in 12 months. The aligners are generally changed every two weeks during that time. The Inman aligner is often used proceeding cosmetic dentistry.

Usually most treatment plans do not extend beyond two years and many are completed in much less than that time period. A more accurate assessment can be made dependant upon your individual case at a consultation at Walpole orthodontists in Surrey. Just get in touch with us via email or phone and a member of our friendly team will be happy to book you in for a visit.