clean teeth

How do I clean and look after my orthodontic braces?

The main benefit of orthodontic treatment is to realign the teeth, giving you a natural smile and a much improved cosmetic appearance. This improvement will correct the bite and make eating much easier. Orthodontic treatments will solve numerous problems such as overcrowding, gaps, crooked teeth, protruding upper teeth and overlapping upper or lower teeth. Improved cosmetic appearance promotes smiling with confidence and facilitates comfortable eating.

Here at Walpole in Surrey our orthodontists completely understand the importance of a natural healthy smile which many of our patients seek as great results subsequently increase confidence and self-esteem for individuals.

A smile is paramount for us to communicate emotions such as happiness, amusement or pleasure and a beautiful smile helps us feel more physically attractive which in turn can improve interpersonal relationships.

Orthodontic brace treatments can significantly improve self-esteem and confidence in your physical appearance. Orthodontics and the innovative new invisible brace treatments need not be a dream – we offer an affordable solution to people who have always wanted to realign their teeth and do not wish to wear conventional metal dental braces.