Linda Viner 15th Anniversary

To mark the 15 the anniversary of head nurse Linda Viner working at Walpole, Walpole – The Orthodontic Specialists has a small celebration this Saturday.

Walpole Clinical Lead Sharon Orton-Gibbs and Linda have actually been working as a team for even longer – Dr Orton Gibbs was Consultant Orthodontist and Lead Clinician at St Helier Hospital before that where Linda also worked as her orthodontic nurse.

‘Linda’s an excellent orthodontic nurse – obviously extremely proficient but also great with our patients, said Sharon. ‘Of course I value Linda highly, and so too do our more junior team members. It’s been great working with someone so talented and dedicated as it makes delivering great care to our patients that much easier. Thanks very much, Linda.

If you would like to speak to one of the Walpole team about your smile,
call 020 8390 1839 or email


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xmas post

Christmas spirit and festive competition!

Sharon and Tilly have spent a happy evening putting up the Christmas decorations (a few days earlier than usual so that more patients can enjoy them).

We have lots of Santa Claus around the building, so we have decided to launch a competitiosn to guess the number of Santa Clauses in the building – the prize will be for Odeon cinema vouchers and the winner will be announced in the New Year.

There will also be mince pies for patients to enjoy after their appointments from 16th December.



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Invisalign open day

On Saturday 17th January we will be running an Invisalign Open Day when we will be offering mini-consultations FREE OF CHARGE and, for those patients suitable for Invisalign, a significantly discounted fee.

We are now scheduling a limited number of appointments for this open day now, so please get in touch on 020 8390 1839 or email to book an appointment. If this is not of interest to you at this time, please accept my apologies but feel free to pass on to friends or other family members.

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Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 12.05.44

Walpole support American Women Society’s Christmas Fundraise

Walpole was pleased to attend The American Women of Surrey Christmas Fayre which is a major fund raising event for charity.  Linda and Sharon baked cakes and we also took French  Atlantic pine cones sprayed in Christmas colours. We also  provided a prize for the raffle of Theatre Vouchers.

We also had a free draw for a free consultation at Walpole, well done to the Atwani family who won.

All the money we raised has been donated to the AWS charities

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smile like you mean it

Get a ‘smile that fits your face’

Doesn’t everyone want a killer smile? Perfectly straight and pearly white teeth are in high demand whatever your age.

A million people a year are now beginning orthodontic treatments in the UK – even more so since the introduction of innovative invisible brace treatments and also the increasing number of celebrities undergoing treatments.

The waiting list for children to get a consultation at the nearest NHS orthodontic practice is 9-10 months, that’s nearly a year to wait just to have a chat with an orthodontist about your child’s teeth and what options are available to you.

Walpole- the Orthodontic Specialists in Thames Ditton is the leader for teeth straightening and cosmetic smiles and their next available consultation is just a week away.

Orthodontic treatment on the NHS is not free for young people. Under 18’s can get free treatment only if they have a clear clinical need for it. NHS orthodontic care is not usually available for adults but may be approved on a case-by case basis if it is needed for health reasons.

Most adults who need orthodontic treatment will need to attend a private practice and Walpole claim to consistently create the best smile makeovers in Surrey.

Because Walpole is a specialist practice, their work is under constant review from their patient’s dentists and Walpole consistently meet or exceed the high expectations they have upon them.

The Orthodontic Specialists’ lead clinician, Dr Sharon Orton- Gibbs is a consultant-trained ‘specialist orthodontist’ with a fantastic reputation among her colleagues and local dentists. The practice is renowned for its great results and high level of patient care, for good reason.

If you would like to know more about orthodontic treatment for yourself or you child, visit Walpole’s website or give them a call on 0208 390 1839.

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Walpole in the Community

Throughout the summer, Walpole- The Orthodontic Specialists attended two summer fairs of some great local schools in the area- Weston Green School and Thames Ditton Junior School. We ran one stall in each of these fairs and the game was for the children to stick a flag on a map where they thought the treasure was hidden. As part of participating they got a homemade cake, a Walpole goody bag (with Walpole highlighters and pens etc.) and balloon for taking part. The prize for locating the treasure was a chocolate hamper. Together we raised well over £70. We had great fun at both fairs and we really enjoyed seeing some of our patients and their families.


Thames Ditton Junior School



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How long will my treatment take?

Orthodontic dental treatments are not an overnight solution but here at Walpole we can help fast-track the process using numerous technologies and know how. Modern innovative brace treatments can involve the use of clear and invisible brace treatments which are more socially acceptable to most people making this time pass more quickly avoiding the dread of metal wires and braces.

For more minor issues STB Social 6 can be used to correct the front teeth usually within 6 to 16 weeks achieving excellent results. Simpli5 is an express aligner treatment that usually takes 5-6 months. Usually treatment is started 4-6 weeks after initial impressions of your teeth are taken. Clear Step is a treatment that can be used for adults and children alike and is versatile for each individual case. Invisalign as the name suggests are clear removable aligners which often achieve results in 12 months. The aligners are generally changed every two weeks during that time. The Inman aligner is often used proceeding cosmetic dentistry.

Usually most treatment plans do not extend beyond two years and many are completed in much less than that time period. A more accurate assessment can be made dependant upon your individual case at a consultation at Walpole orthodontists in Surrey. Just get in touch with us via email or phone and a member of our friendly team will be happy to book you in for a visit.

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From an internet search to a perfect smile

Many people begin their journey to a perfect smile simply by typing ‘braces Surrey’ or ‘braces in Surrey’ into a search engine… perhaps you’re amongst them, and are wondering how we’ll take you from ‘braces Surrey’ to that perfect smile. Here’s how your ‘journey’ with us will progress…

1. First of all, we’ll talk to you to find out what you’d like to change about your smile. This will take place at our practice here in Surrey.

2. Also at your initial appointment, we’ll then take photographs and probably x-rays.

3. The next stage is deciding together what kind of treatment will be best for you. Braces come in many different kinds to suit all manner of preferences and lifestyles. We’ll discuss the likely results, how long the treatment will take and what the cost will be. Everything will be crystal clear.

4. Your treatment begins. If you have a removeable brace fitted, we’ll explain how you can remove and refit it. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you’re comfortable during fitting and afterwards.

5. You’ll come back to us regularly so that your braces can be readjusted as necessary. Normally you’d see us every six to eight weeks during the course of your treatment. We’ll talk through your progress on each appointment.

6. You get the smile you’ve always wanted! More than just straighter teeth, you’ll have teeth which are positioned to complement your smile and face.

So, if you’ve just typed ‘Surrey braces’, ‘braces in Surrey’, ‘orthodontist Surbiton’ or something similar into your search engine and arrived here… you’ve taken the first step of the journey. We’re looking forward to helping you along the rest of the way!

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State-of-the-art modern braces here in Surrey… a fast, unobtrusive way to acquire the smile that suits your face

Braces aren’t what they used to be. They’re a whole lot better… yet many people still think of them as being obtrusive, uncomfortable or simply taking too long to work. Here at our Surbiton practice, we’re keen to dispel notions such as these. It’s time to pass on the good news to anyone who thinks they might need braces in Surrey!

For a start, the process need not take long. Our own Dr Orton-Gibbs was one of the first UK orthodontist to offer her patients the exciting AcceleDent product. This highly advance modern brace which can reduce treatment time by 30-50% – so you could have the smile you deserve in 6-15 months rather than 12-24 months.

We can also offer you invisible braces, so you needn’t worry about their being obtrusive. These include lingual braces, mounted on the inside of your teeth, or thin, clear plastic mouthguard-type aligners.

Removeable braces are also an option – and they’re almost invisible, too – so you don’t even have to wear them 24 hours a day.

Most of all, it’s important that you choose an orthodontist hat understands the difference between orthodontics and general dentistry. Here at our practice in Surrey, braces aren’t just basic appliances which we fit and forget about for a few months. Instead of limiting you to a single appliance we’ll use all the skills and resources at our disposal to enhance your smile in the way that suits you best.

So next time you hear the word ‘braces’ please think about the whole picture… we always do!

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smiling at future

Smiling at the future!

As with any life changing decision the plunge to go ahead and do something you have many times thought about is always the hardest step – Orthodontics is no different!

Many people are aware for years they have misaligned teeth, overcrowding or gaps, often they feel self-conscious and even physically unattractive. People often wait years and can not believe the difference it makes to their life and only wonder why they did not undergo treatment sooner. People often barely recognise themselves from before and after photographs.

It is easy to worry about something, feel uncomfortable, yet sit back and carry on. If this is you then come and have a chat with Barbara, our treatment coordinator at Walpole orthodontists in Surrey, and we will offer our best advice and treatment options available for you. We can also tell you about our variety of payment plans to make your treatment affordable and spread payments if needed. Orthodontic dental treatment need not be something you only think about, take the first active step and see what is available for you to achieve the perfect smile you dreamed of for the future.

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