Annie Grace’s Invisalign Journey – Day 1

Follow Annie Grace’s patient journey as she perfects her smile through Invisalign at Walpole

“So today was the big day and after years of being unhappy with my smile & posing for photos with a classic ‘Smize’ (those who watch Americas next top model will know what i mean) or a mean and moody pose rather than a cheeky grin I am FINALLY doing something about it with the help of the amazing Orthodontists at Walpole in Thames Ditton.

I actually did have Train tracks when i was about 13 but being the rebellious teen I was I decided to ignore my Mother and not wear my retainers after treatment, hence why I am back here- Wear your Retainers Kids!

So here are my teeth right now (excuse the makeupless post gym face)…. 


I have a very narrow jaw and a long face so it’s the two bunny teeth at the front which bother me most. I really have had the most unflattering pictures of them taken whilst gigging in mid song!

The idea is to straighten all of my teeth out, push the bunny teeth back into line and widen my jaw slightly, all of which i watched on the mini video before receiving my first set of invisaligns! I also have a chip in my front tooth (a Microphone incident) which will be sorted out once my invisalign treatment is over and I have a fabulous set of pearly whites!

So today was a pretty quick process, simply a case of showing me how to take the Invisaligns in and out, a brief of how to care for them (drinking gin with them in is a no no sadly!) & just a quick check that they fit properly. A OK!

They are slightly achey right now which can only be a good thing as it’s a sign they’re moving my teeth and I have a slight lisp which i’m hoping will go once i get used to them.

As for the look of them, they are brilliant- you literally cannot tell i have braces in!

I have a busy weekend of gigs ahead so I will update you guys next week on how singing with them in is- WISH ME LUCK!

AG xx”

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