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Forty years at the forefront of orthodontics has made Walpole the leading name in teeth straightening and cosmetic smiles. So why would you or your children go anywhere else?

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We were the first independent orthodontist to offer Invisalign treatment in the UK. Invisalign consists of a series of clear mouthpieces placed over the teeth, thus avoiding fixed braces completely whilst giving you a great smile.


Dr. Orton-Gibbs is the first UK orthodontist to offer AcceleDent, an exciting new technology which reduces treatment time by 30-50%. We are seeing great results and are very happy to offer the AcceleDent to our patients.

Invisible Braces

We completely understand if the appearance of braces has put you or your teenager off having orthodontic treatment, that's why we are happy to offer you or your teenager a range of braces invisible to the untrained eye.

More Than Straight Teeth

We want to give you the best smile possible. That's why we don’t only straighten your teeth, we make sure that they are positioned to perfectly complement your smile and face.

Under 12’s
Over 50’s
Under 12’s

Don’t wait until their adult teeth are through, we can often provide important treatment before this. We like to meet patients at age 8-9 years, so that we can plan the best time for treatment. An early diagnosis can dramatically reduce the amount of treatment needed and decrease the chance of adult teeth needing to be removed to straighten the teeth.


We have a proven track record of achieving fabulous results for our teenage patients. However they feel about orthodontics, we will tailor treatment to be inconspicuous, giving your son or daughter a winning smile, and confidence to match.


Many modern women wish they had achieved their winning smile  years earlier. Walpole Specialist Orthodontists can find the best treatment to fit with your busy lifestyle, and finally give you a perfect natural smile.

So whether you want a discreet or completely invisible treatment, we have solutions to suit you, in time scales you’ll love.


A confidentattractive smile is a must for the modern man, we can get you a smile perfectly tailored for your face. Don’t wait any longer for your perfect smile, the specialists at Walpole can find you a discrete solution faster and more effective than ever before.

Over 50’s

It’s time to focus on you and finally give yourself the smile you deserve. You can feel secure knowing that we don’t only straighten teeth but reposition them to complement your smile and face. We plan your treatment taking into account any worn or compromised teeth you may have as well as the condition of your gums. If you also want a discreet or completely invisible solution, we have the treatments to suit you.

Meet our Specialist Team

We are a devoted team of professionals, dedicated to delivering great results for our patients

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  • test 6

    I am delighted and grateful that you were able to manage the alignment of her teeth without having to extract any – thank you!

  • test 7

    Walpole are very good at working around school times and were flexible if a child is ill.

  • test 10

    Click here to see some more of our testimonials

  • test 9

    I found Invisalign great as I could wear them whilst filming scenes and not showing on camera. I couldn’t have asked for better results!

  • test 8

    I worried about increasingly crooked teeth. I now find myself really pleased with the result, not only cosmetically but even more because I am now able to keep all my teeth properly cleaned and free of the gum disease which threatened them. So thank you to all the team who each contributed to the well being of a 70 year old

  • test 3

    I decided to accept Sharon’s treatment because she did not want to remove any teeth. Sharon did not give me the impression that it was just for money – she wanted the perfect results and made me do it the right way. I would recommend Walpole because they are not only professional and friendly but also offer all types of treatment and have all modern equipment.

  • test 2

    I came to Walpole because of its good reputation, the practice was known to my fiancé and it is also local to my work. I would recommend you because of the lovely staff and the 100% commitment to getting perfect results. Thank you for giving me lovely straight teeth and for working to such a short timescale in time for my wedding.

  • test 7

    I heard of Walpole through word of mouth and felt very confident after looking through your “smiles album” in the patient lounge. What would I recommend about you? Everything.

  • test 6

    I brought my children to see you because of Sharon’s reputation for excellence, and once we were here your team gave us gave us lots of confidence. I would be happy to recommend Walpole because of the high standards overall and the great outcome for both children. It has been a pleasure to visit the practice throughout the process.

  • test 5

    Hear why James and others chose treatment at Walpole, the Orthodontic Specialists Watch his video here.

  • test 4

    My children were referred to you by our dentist. I would certainly recommend this practice as being professional, helpful and punctual

  • test1

    I came to see Sharon for a second opinion … And am absolutely delighted with Hattie’s smile and overall facial appearance. I think Sharon is an exceptional orthodontist and I have nothing but praise for the way she and her team treat her patients and us parents. Over the time I have been going to Walpole – The Orthodontic Specialists, I have come to the conclusion that choosing the right orthodontist for one’s children really is as important as choosing the right school.